New Refractory Deadburned Magnesia Product Under the "GM 1/2 S" Brand, Launched by Grecian Magnesite

27 February, 2014 - 10:56 -- yannisc

New Refractory Deadburned Magnesia Product Under the “GM 1/2 S” Brand, Launched by Grecian Magnesite


Grecian Magnesite S.A. is pleased to announce the launch of a high purity Deadburned magnesia product, sold under the “GM 1/2 S” brand name.

“GM 1/2 S” is a high purity dead-burned (sintered) magnesia product processed from  microcrystalline magnesite, mainly developed for the production of high- end shaped or unshaped refractory products for use in the steelmaking, cement and nonferrous metals industries (MgO-C bricks, special castables, etc.)

“GM 1/2 S” exhibits excellent stability and refractory properties, combining high purity, homogeneity, high bulk density, large crystal size and low boron content.

The low impurities level and the sintering temperature give rise to the crystals of periclase with a considerable degree of direct bonding. The silica / lime ratio (1:2) in association with the low iron and alumina content ensure that dicalcium silicate is the only secondary phase present between the periclase crystals.

Grecian Magnesite’s experience and expertise, based on extensive knowledge on the refractory market, along with our production, technical & logistical capabilities, guarantee the consistent and reliable production and supply of a high quality Deadburned magnesia product for high-end refractory applications.


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