Grecian Magnesite S.A. expands turkish operation

16 October, 2013 - 13:59 -- yannisc

Athens, Greece - Grecian Magnesite S.A, a leading manufacturer of magnesite and its compounds, has announced today that its Turkish subsidiary Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari AS (AMK) has successfully completed the erection of its new Rotary Kiln.
The Φ1,6 x 34m Rotary kiln has a production capacity of >50 tpd Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM) (or ~30tpd Deadburned Magnesia) which will double current annual production capacity at >32.000 metric tons of CCM. The kiln is comprised of three main components; A pre-heater (which uses the enthalpy of the kiln flue gases in order to pre – heat the raw material, leading to increased output and reduced fuel consumption) the Rotary kiln and an integrated cooler where the calcined material’s temperature is allowed to drop in a controlled fashion. Commercial production started in January 2012 with approx. 1.000 tones of CCM production being achieved with extremely positive results both from a technical/operational and product quality point of view. 
Commenting on the expansion, Akdeniz CEO Muzaffer Bayazit said, "The accelerating increase in the demand for high purity CCM is making it necessary for us to substantially increase production capacity to ensure that we meet the growing needs of our customers".

"We are committed to grow as a primary supplier of high quality CCM products to the world. The new investment will make it possible for us to further develop and produce new, more sophisticated CCM high purity grades with enhanced physical properties (i.e. increased specific surface areas up to 75m2/g) which will widen our current product portfolio and will enable us to enter & serve more sophisticated, high demanding applications, such as production of special Magnesium compounds, Rubber & Plastics, Catalysts, special feed/food additives, fuel additives, pigments & fillers, etc." 

History – Investments

Akdeniz was established in 1993 solely as a Raw Magnesite producer & trader. In December 2004 AMK acquired from the Turkish group Cukurova part of ex Comag`s assets (concessions, beneficiation and calcination facilities). During the first years, significant Investments were implemented totaling more than 4 million Euros. Major investments concentrated on the acquisition of new concessions, the opening of new mining pits for large scale (non selective) mining, new beneficiation installations & techniques, yielding higher productivity and mineralization and the renovation of both shaft kilns with new linings, burners and the installation of natural gas, leading to increased production. The positive progress of the company continued with investments including, the installation of additional high intensity rare earth roll separators in order to upgrade the quality of the kiln feed material, the increase of the storage capacity with the addition of a new warehouse for the end products and the acquisition of earth moving equipment. 

AMK Profile

AMK produces and commercializes a wide range of high purity CCM (and MgCO3) products with different chemical and physical properties i.e. MgO with purity ranging from 88% up to 98% and specific surface area (SSA) from 10m²/g up to 75m²/g. All CCM products are characterized by medium to high MgO purity, low level of impurities and undesirable substances, low SO3 content and low trace elements/heavy metals. In addition, the possibility to mill in various grain sizes (up to -45μm) & the use of natural gas during calcination enables AMK to commercialize its products in a wide range of industries, to name but a few, Electrical grade fused magnesia (EGFM), Refractory grade fused magnesia (RGFM), Production of Al-Mg Spinel, mining, petrochemical industry, leather tanning, construction – Sorel cement applications, agriculture. 
The company’s major deposits and production facilities are located in the Eskisehir area - Kümbet, Erenkoy - in the Central-Western part of Turkey. The deposits consist of three main concessions totaling 4.238,5 hectares with significant proven reserves. Mining of magnesite ore (cryptocrystalline type) is carried out open cast. The main factory is located at Kumbet and consists of, 2 shaft & 1 rotary kilns with a combined calcination capacity of >32,000 tpy of CCM, post processing facilities (i.e. crushing, screening, magnetic separation, mixing, milling, packing, storage, forwarding), offices, laboratory - quality control, earthmoving equipment maintenance workshop. Assets also include four pre-beneficiation facilities at Aktepe, the main beneficiation plant in Erenkoy (crushing, washing, screening, magnetic separation, sorting) and the headquarters located in Istanbul. Akdeniz employees 60 people on a permanent basis (plus 40 more during the mining season). The company covers widely the local market while exports represent 75% of its sales volumes.
Today Akdeniz is a modern and successful company with a substantial know how in mining, processing, calcination and marketing of magnesia and its compounds. It has grown into a competitive operation with the benefit of consistent and flexible mining and production (number of different deposits - various MgCO3 purities, advanced beneficiation process, diversified calcination – post processing capabilities).

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Eleni Iskou
Grecian Magnesite S.A.
Tel: +30 210 7240446-7

Mrs. Turkan Aydin
Akdeniz Mineral Kayanaklari A.S.
Tel: +90 212 3434108

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