Athens IM Press Release

16 October, 2013 - 14:09 -- yannisc

Grecian Magnesite S.A has been investing heavily in the latest technologies in order to meet the high standards of today’s mining operations. One of the primary concerns of the company has always been the management of its mineral recourses as well as the management of the quantities excavated. GM strives to satisfy the mid- and long-term demands of its customers and at the same time to ensure continuous improvements in efficient exploitation and use of natural recourses. 

To this end and after years of intensive and continuous efforts, GM has successfully implemented an 8 million € investment program, by the erection of a new secondary line of mineral processing which will increase the recovery rate of Magnesite from current mining, but also will enable the utilization of the vast old stockpiles of fine Run Of Mine (RoM) material, which the company has painstakingly kept over the past decades. The old stockpiles are estimated at > 40 million mt RoM. Industrial production is currently underway and the results are very promising. With the current calcination capacity (ca. 200.000 tpa CCM & DBM), this will extend the lifetime of the Yerakini mines to minimum 45 years. 

The new processing line uses the latest technologies in screening, sorting and magnetic separation with an annual production capacity of approximately 220,000 tpa MgCO3, based on three shifts per day. The line includes a combination of screening, sorting and magnetic separation able to process fine-grained bulk materials. New generation photo-optic sorters and magnets have been installed enabling a significant increase in the separation efficiency of the fine fractions. 

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